Thursday, November 9, 2017


For the last few weeks we have being learning about persuasive writing  and the structure of it. We finished we had  to write a persuasive piece of writing about why plastic bags should be banned from supermarket.  You can read my persuasive down blow.

❌Should Plastic Bags Be Used In Supermarkets❌
        WALT: Use the correct structure for a persuasive text.

I heard a rumor that all the plastic bags that we use can wrap around the world 55 times so...I think we should not have plastic bags Because:

Plastic bags  are polluting our environment and the animals that live in it. Because the petroleum and then photodegradable stuff that is dumped in on the land. (For those that don't know what photodegradable it means it doesn't break down without help from sun light) (Oil is nonRenewable) .  

Plus the plastic bags that we are using are harming our sea creatures because they are eating them and they are getting in stuck inside them.(Sea turtles can’t see the difference between plastic bags and jelly fish)

More and more sea creatures die every day because people are throwing their plastic bags into the ocean

So What Now:

So my conclusion is
Ban plastic bags from supermarkets and buy reusable bags so that the environment and the sea creatures don't get harmed as much as they are now .    


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